Blockchain (Solidity) Engineer

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Blockchain (Solidity) Engineer

Job description

Remote OK!

At GET Protocol we’re working on becoming the standard ticketing infrastructure layer of the modern internet. We develop the backbone, tooling and secret sauce needed for building equity in the shady realm of ticketing. In doing so we cover a lot of ground; whether it’s providing event organisers with better access to financing, or giving ticketing companies the features they need to build more transparent & user friendly operations.

As we are in the midst of a rapid scaling period, we are looking for a Senior Blockchain Engineer to be responsible for building and securing the contracts that are already in use for hundreds of thousands of existing ticket NFTs. We're building a suite of DeFi tooling to allow event organisers and event goers greater access to funding and financial products. We're also believers of putting our future in the hands of community governance and already plan to expand our on-chain revenue and control though a DAO.

If you're a great engineer with a lot of best practice and experience but are only starting to get involved in the space and want your first opening, apply anyway. We're a remote-first team and we're open to all locations.

Here are some of the expectations of the role:

  • Be keen to participate in discussion about the future of the protocol. We're open to thoughts and suggestions, help us shape our future.
  • Help build out our upcoming DeFi products and smart contracts in Solidity running on the EVM.
  • Define our approach to economics and community tooling.
  • Good writing is a bonus. As we move towards a DAO, we become not only stakeholders to each other but also to the governance system.
  • Contribute to service reliability and engineering practice. To achieve the goal of becoming an infrastructure layer we need to be more stable and reliable than our clients.
  • Be a firm believer in pragmatism and all it entails. We’re practical and we understand that we don’t always have the ability to get things done the way we intend. Help us deliver the longer and more deliberate strategy of continuous improvement.

Job requirements

  • You're comfortable with software design, development, and architecture. This is a senior role so an understanding of software delivery and dependency management is expected.
  • You've got a good feel for best practice within Solidity, understand the demands of working in an adversarial environment, and have a good understanding of the ecosystem and tooling necessary to deploy production smart contracts.
  • You have a keen interest in blockchain technology and belief in decentralisation; building bazaar and not the cathedral.
  • You care about building accessible software and onboarding users to professional DeFi products.
  • Some Web3 front-end experience is a nice to have.
  • Location; anywhere!

What we can offer:

  • A high-trust and high-influence environment from day one. We care a lot more about the content of a suggestion than the person who said it. Help steer the direction of the protocol.
  • Accurate feedback, full transparency and a lot of autonomy over how you do your work.
  • The time and space to build your Solidity skills. We understand that this is a fledgling industry and not everyone will be coming into this with years of EVM programming experience. It'd help, but continual learning on the job is expected.
  • The flexibility and environment to allow you to your best work, with a group of passionate people in an exciting industry.
  • ESOP (SARS) or token plan are negotiable;
  • Employee-based conference, hardware and training budget is available.